Bring specialists

Bring Cargo

Bring Cargo specialises in creating an efficient flow of goods. We offer national and international goods transport by road, sea, air or rail. We deal with deliveries to and from around the globe.

Bring Express

Bring Express is the specialist in express logistics and courier services. We ensure flexible alternatives for both unforeseen and scheduled deliveries for large and small companies. Bring Express is represented in 31 cities in the Nordic area.

Bring Frigo

Bring Frigo is a specialist in thermally-regulated logistics for foods. We are among the very best for precise deliveries and safe storage of fresh, chilled and frozen goods. All the way from the producer to the table, in the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

Bring Parcels

Bring Parcels eases your company's package handling. We offer the Nordic region's most comprehensive package distribution. Every day we deliver hundreds of thousands of packages to and from companies and to private customers in the Nordic region and 193 countries.

Bring Supply Services

Bring Supply Services has global experience with advanced fourth party logistics solutions. We develop and operate complete supply chains for our customers.

Bring Warehousing

Bring Warehousing is a specialist in optimum warehouse services for most types of product, whether it is all about large volumes, bulk storage or individual pallets. In 2010, we opened Norway's largest and most technologically advanced third party logistics distribution centre at Berger, outside Oslo.

Bring Mail

Bring Mail offers companies simple, effective solutions for the distribution of letters, goods and advertising in the local, national or Nordic markets. Customers can either have tailor-made solutions or basic distribution services.

Bring Citymail

Bring Citymail provides distribution of letters and advertising in Sweden. This means addressed deliveries from companies to other companies or private persons. Bring Citymail reaches approximately 2.3 million households in Sweden.

Bring Dialog

Bring Dialog  helps companies develop and cultivate their customer relations through customer dialogue and CRM. Solutions are based on unique customer insight, the market’s best CRM tools and the customer’s own experience database (Effect base).