Laws and licence requirements

Posten Norge's socially defined duties, and thereby the requirements made of Posten Norge by the authorities, will continue to be regulated through licence stipulations and legislation.

Posten Group was granted a new licence from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2010 inclusive. The licence applies for the remaining monopoly area (sealed addressed letters under 50 grams) under the Postal Service act and the supplementary rules in the postal regulations.

Statutory duties under the terms of the licence

In return for the monopoly, Posten Norge is required to follow the terms of the licence. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority oversees the company and ensures that it meets the licence requirements.

Licence requirements  

Measurements are carried out by IBM Norway using a broad panel of volunteers. 180 000 test letters and parcels are measured throughout Norway. In addition test consignments are automatically registered with the help of radio transmitters at Posten Norge's terminals.