Company structure and management

Norway Post Group is wholly owned by the Government through the Ministry of Transport and Communication. The Minister of Transport and Communication is the general assembly for the company.

Norway Post became a limited company on 1 July 2002. When Parliament handled the motion concerning conversion to a limited company in June 2002 it was stressed that political interests were the reason why the Government wished to keep a 100% stake.

The transformation of Norway Post to a limited company was first and foremost a message to the market that Norway Post will be run as a business and operate in a competitive market. The Soria Moria declaration (the political platform of the Government coalition parties, Arbeiderpartiet, Senterpartiet and Sosialistisk Venstreparti) in 2005 proposed that Norway Post remain 100% Government owned. The sale of shares or a stock-exchange listing are thus of no relevance here.

Business plan and owner's report

In accordance with §10 of the regulations Norway Post must present a business plan (the §10 plan) to the Minister for Transport and Communications every other year. This forms the basis for the Minister for Transport and Communications' owner's report on Norway Post which is presented to Parliament. Each year the Board of Directors of Norway Post submit a declaration to the market concerning the company's principles for corporate governance.

Norway Post complies with Norwegian recommendations for corporate governance so far as these are appropriate to Norway Post's organisation and company structure. 

Government procurement of commercially unprofitable services

The Government covers Norway Post’s additional costs in maintaining a statutory level of service in the postal network beyond that which is economically viable.