Sponsorship activities by Norway Post Group

Through its sponsorship activities Norway Post Group wishes to create enthusiasm, involvement and credibility both within and outside the Group.

Norway Post has chosen handball for its profiling activities. As the proud general sponsor of Norges Håndballforbund (the Norwegian Handball Association) our presence and support influences both elite and recreational handball in Norway. With the enthusiasm of our employees we paint the handball courts with Norway Post red and Bring green, and cheer on our Norwegian handball players. We are also present in Sweden, where Bring is the main sponsor for Svenska Håndbollsförbundet (the Swedish Handball Association). Bring is also the main sponsor of the lightning fast enduro rider Pål Anders Ullevaalseter .

Sponsorship-related enquiries should be sent to:
Norway Post Group, Corporate Staff - Communication, Marketing. 0001 OSLO Marked: Sponsorship
E-mail: jorn.sandvig@posten.no  

Norway Post is profiled via:  

Bring is profiled via:


Norway Post gives support to one or two charitable causes once a year - without prior application. It is not therefore possible to apply for support in this regard.

The following have previously been granted support:

  • Red Cross
  • Save the Children, asylum centres in Norway
  • SOS Racism
  • SOS Children's Villages in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • The children's unit at Rikshospitalet
  • St Olav's Hospital children's unit in Trondheim


Some principles employed when selecting who we sponsor:

  • Those sponsored must be associated with values that support the values of Norway Post and Bring.
  • Those sponsored must have a good reputation.
  • Those sponsored must be of the greatest possible interest to the public.
  • Those sponsored have a national and not just local profile based on Norway Post and Bring's nationwide presence.