Main strategies 2009 – 2013

Norway Post develops and delivers customer-specific complete postal, communications and logistics solutions - with the Nordic region as its local market.

Norway Post shall...

  • Undertake its social duties in accordance with the adopted requirements (licence) from its owner, the Government.
  • Service customers' requirements and be available where the customer is located.
  • Work through customer-friendly channels and have the Nordic area as its local market.
  • Be more competitive in its focus areas in the Nordic area and ensure control of its own development in the Nordic area.
  • Benefit from investment made in traditional core business and at the same time invest in Nordic growth areas in order to ensure future profitability and strength. 
  • Develop strong, profitable and sustainable positions in relevant business areas in which the Group is involved.
  • Work to extract cost benefits through efficiency measures, coordination of the value chain and continuous improvements, as well as through simplification and the removal of unnecessary activities.
  • Strengthen its ability to service customers' requirements through a well balanced portfolio of business operations.
  • Provide a competitive rate of return for the owner through profitability and a development in value in line with the best in the industry.
  • Develop good and attractive workplaces.