Norway Post Suppliers

Norway Post is working towards a uniform and consistent purchasing practice that will improve the Group's profitability and competitiveness.

Procurement for the Group (Norway Post and its subsidiaries) is organised through Corporate Purchasing, consisting of 12 purchasers. Corporate purchasing is organized into three specialist areas:

  1. Goods transport and materials
  2. Services and office equipment
  3. Production and buildings

The department is to ensure uniform and consistent purchasing practices that will improve the Group's profitability, competitive ability and reputation.

Procedure for procurement or call-off

At Norway Post, procurement takes place in accordance with the Act relating to Public Procurement, and its associated purchasing regulations for the supply sectors.

Doffin and Transq are used for notification and pre-qualification of procurement for Norway Post.

The Group's subsidiaries are not under the procurement regulations.

Minimum requirement

There are minimum requirements for potential suppliers for procurement at Norway Post, in connection with pre-qualification. These requirements includest, among other things:

  • The Ethical standards for suppliers
  • HSE and environmental declarations
  • The supplier’s organisational and legal situation
  • The supplier’s economic and financial position
  • The supplier’s technical and professional qualifications

Ethical standard for suppliers

The Group requires suppliers to undertake to comply with the ethical standards. Suppliers who do not comply with the standards risk not being chosen. After the purchasing agreement has been signed, any non-compliance with the standards can be regarded as breach of contract.

Environmental policy

  • We set requirements for products, services and suppliers that are intended to stimulate the supplier to continually focus on development of products and services that can contribute to sustainable development.
  • All purchasing must contribute to the achievement of the Group's environmental vision of "working in a targeted manner towards environmentally efficient operations and sustainable development". During all procurement, it must be considered whether the purchase supports the Group's environmental goals, e.g. within transport, energy and waste handling.
  • When planning and implementing corporate and corporately strategic acquisitions, the environmental consequences and life cycle costs must be emphasized, and be in accordance with the Group's routines and guidelines.
  • Environmentally certified or marked products and services will be preferred.

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