Posten Norge's Management Trainee Programme

Posten Norge was one of the first corporations in Norway establishing a trainee programme. Since its beginning in 1999 the trainee programme has been in continuous development making sure that the programme is perfectly aligned with our corporate strategy and integrated into our group wide organisation. This has allowed for the participants to achieve strong personal growth and professional development.

Trainees in Posten
  • The two-year programme consists of three training blocks based on six to eight month internships in different business units and departments, in Norway or abroad. The individual trainee has the opportunity to influence on choice of place and tasks. In addition the programme incorporates two shorter periods of work in operations including leadership training and practice.
  • Parallel to the internships there will be several trainee gatherings with focus on ledarship training, different working methods courses, as well as a monthly trade day focusing on different areas of Posten Norge organisation, i.e. strategy, market, value chain.
  • The trainee is encouraged to and supported in preparing a personal development plan which will be followed throughout the programme. The personal development plan works as a guide for the trainee to work targeted through her/his trainee period with the support of the trainee counsellor, an internship leader for each period and a dedicated mentor.
  • Throughout the programme the trainees will be part of a large professional and social network, both within the Posten Norge organisation and externally. Our participation in the Norway Trainee Network also encourages learning and networking across an exclusive selection of large corporations with corresponding trainee programmes.
  • The Posten Norge Trainee Programme implies a permanent employment status from the very start of the programme and guarantees a position within the organisation at the end of the two-year period.

The qualifications we are looking for:

  • Candidates holding a Master degree.
  • Strong academic performance in combination with personal interests and achievements.
  • Personal courage to challenge established truths, ability to think differently, and capability to find new constructive ways in close collaboration with others.
  • Diversity in regards to education, personal qualities, gender and cultural background.

Posten Norge wants diversity in both professional backgrounds and in personal interests. Among areas of interest to Posten Norge are strategy & business development, innovation, marketing, logistics, IT, finance, human resources & management training, organisation development, health and safety, environmental issues and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We offer:

  • A most attractive and varied new job situation with extensive and rapid learning & development.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Main work place at our head office “Posthuset” in central Oslo, the highest office facility in Scandinavia, with a panoramic view of Oslo City.
  • Opportunity to spend an internship at one of our subsidiaries in Sweden or Denmark.

Why choose Posten Norge?

The Trainee Programme is part of Posten Norge's strategic focus on leadership development.
The programme focuses on continuous follow-ups, education and development of each trainee.

Individual development
Individual development based on the profile and needs of each trainee is the backbone of our Trainee Programme. The content and progress of your programme will be built on the individual development plan that you formulate together with our trainee counsellor. Your development plan will systematically be followed up and adjusted throughout the full two-year programme. As a trainee you will have a selection of the best resources at your disposal for your personal and professional development, e.g. a trainee counsellor, a personal mentor and the growing network of the trainee programme. The development plan will also be the basis for choice of internship locations and tasks so that you are assured the most relevant training and learning. Especially designed trainee seminars and courses containing targeted leadership training, issue based problem solving and suchlike working methods, will serve as a complement to the on-the-job training and provide valuable guidance for you to focus on and practise in your daily work.

A great selection of opportunities
As a trainee in the Posten Norge Corporation, you are encouraged to choose your own development path and challenges. The strong commitment to the trainee programme at all management levels, assures a broad offer of work opportunities in all business areas and corporate staff. The individual trainee will to a certain extent have the opportunity to influence the degree of responsibility and the challenges assigned through her/his performance and declared ambitions.

Being a large and diverse corporation, Posten Norge Group represents immense opportunities for challenging jobs and an exciting career path in extension of the trainee programme. Our trainees have proven to be very attractive candidates on the internal job market – several of our past trainees have already advanced to senior management positions.

An ambitious and continuously evolving organisation
We are proud to say that almost no other Norwegian company in recent years has experienced a journey of change and development comparable to that of Posten Norge Group. Globalisation, digital technologies, changes in public policies, rapidly changing customer behaviour and a much tougher international competition are among the key drivers behind the fundamental processes of change we have implemented. And a large part of the journey still remains.
Posten Norge has chosen to expand beyond the borders of Norway and have established positions and business fundaments in all Nordic countries and some of the European. Based on an ambitious growth strategy we aspire to become one of the leading Nordic industrial players within mail & logistics. As a trainee in Posten Norge you will have the opportunity and privilege to work with both the change and revitalisation of our traditional businesses as well as the opportunities and challenges in our growth areas.

Application deadline is 9th October 2016. Application form.