Posten Norge Summer Internship Programme

As a summer trainee in the Posten Norge Group you will have an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with a leading communications and logistics corporation with a focused and ambitious Nordic growth strategy and experience unique on-the-job learning opportunities.


The size of the corporation and the broad range of challenges allow us to offer an exclusive internship programme in which tasks can be customised to desired areas and interests.

Why choose a Summer Internship in Posten Norge?
Posten Norge is a large and exciting corporation offering challenging tasks at a strategic level. As a summer trainee you will participate in a mini version of our trainee programme assuring extensive professional and personal development through on-the-job training, specifically designed workshops, meetings with corporate management and support from your supervisor, our corporate trainees and a dedicated trainee counsellor.

You will be assigned tasks aligned with your skills

  • A strategic task within a profession of which you share a special interest
  • A joint project in collaboration with other summer trainees
  • Mandate and responsibility in line with the corporate trainees
  • Both individual tasks and team work
  • Professional supervision and support from your assigned manager and colleagues

You will experience both personal and professional development

  • Courses in project management, innovation and structured problem solving
  • Courses and training in presentation skills
  • Courses in Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Courses and training in how to receive and give constructive feedback
  • Personal feedback and advice based on a JTI-test (Jung Type Indicator personality test)

You will be a member of our Corporate Trainee Network

  • Briefings about the Posten Norge Corporate Trainee Programme
  • Joint workshops with trainees
  • Social events

The qualifications we are looking for

  • Master degree students;1-2 years prior to the Master graduation
  • Strong academic performance in combination with personal interests and achievements
  • Personal courage to challenge established truths, ability to think differently, and capability to find new constructive ways in close collaboration with others
  • Diversity in regards to education, personal qualities, gender and cultural background

Posten Norge wants diversity in both professional backgrounds and in personal interests. Among areas of interest to Posten Norge are strategy & business development, innovation, marketing, logistics, IT, finance, human resources & management training, organisation development, health and safety, environmental issues and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We offer:

  • A most attractive and varied summer job situation with extensive learning
    & development
  • Main work place at our head office “Posthuset” in central Oslo, the highest office
    facility in Scandinavia, with a panoramic view of Oslo City
  • The extent of travels will be dependent on assigned project
  • Internship duration of approximately 6 weeks during June - August
  • A three week vacation in July
  • Competitive salary and benefits

Application deadline is expired. Next opportunity in February 2016.