Posten Norge's integration initiatives

Posten Norge has a clear aim of reflecting Norwegian society’s ethnic diversity at all levels of the organisation. The following measures shall contribute to achieving this goal:


Recruitment and recruitment ethics

Posten Norge’s ethical guidelines for recruitment state that, «Recruitment work in the Group shall be anchored in Posten Norge’s core values and thus all applicants shall feel that they have an equal opportunity to be given a job regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or religious, ethnic or cultural background».

The introduction in the Group’s job vacancy advertisements is worded generally and should apply to all applicants, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity: «Our values, Integrity, Respect, Cooperation, Openness and Courage, control the way we work and contribute to an inclusive and diverse workplace».


Posten Norge’s working language is Norwegian. In order to work for us, we require employees to have good spoken and written Norwegian skills. In our experience, language is the key to successful integration. It also provides the individuals in question with better opportunities for furthering their careers.

Employee survey

Posten Norge’s annual employee survey (which is anonymous) has questions about bullying, harassment and discrimination. If the survey reveals that such conditions exist, the manager is responsible for bringing up the subject at the departmental meeting and setting up an action plan that outlines the specific measures to be taken.

Religious freedom

At several of Posten Norge’s units a room is set aside specifically for meditation and prayer. Some units have also installed a crouch toilet in addition to standard toilets. The wearing of stipulated religious clothing is accepted in Posten Norge. The selection of food at the cafeterias at some of our largest worksites takes into consideration different allergies and provides a larger selection of vegetarian food, and some sites offer halal food.

Racism and discrimination

In Norway, Posten Norge has been a racism-free zone since December 2000. The contract between Norwegian People’s Aid, the Group’s LO-affiliated unions and Posten Norge AS was renewed in January 2012. This contract applies to all of the Group’s companies.

Through this agreement Posten Norge is obligated to work for equality and assure diversity among its employees. The contract sends a clear message: «There is a place here for everyone, irrespective of colour, religion, disability or cultural heritage». Posters stating this have been hung at all workplaces and breaches of the rules are reported. The racism-free zone is also included as a specific point in Posten Norge’s company rules.

In addition, MOD courses are regularly held in collaboration with Norwegian People’s Aid. The aim is to prevent prejudice and racism, increase awareness of one’s own reactions and attitudes and help to work through these in group discussions.

Internal development programme

«You make the difference» is an internal development programme for employees with immigrant backgrounds who want experience from jobs in administration and management in the Posten Norge Group. It is specifically directed towards operational workers who possess skills that they do not have use for in their current jobs. Our goal is to contribute to increased diversity. The programme consists of year-long internships in various parts of the Group. The candidates are offered their own mentor, relevant courses and the opportunity to build networks.

Here our differences are the norm

All of the Group’s departments can apply for funding for initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and integration.

Placements for immigrant women

In collaboration with NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Authority, Posten Norge offers employment placements for unemployed immigrant women who have not previously been employed in Norway.

Mentor programme for unemployed immigrant women

Resource persons at Posten Norge in Norway serve as mentors for unemployed immigrant women. When the programme was started in 2011, all of the mentors were female managers at Posten Norge. Today, mentors can be managers, union representatives, safety representatives or other specialists who would like to work help with integration. The mentors act both as a contact and a «door opener» for the women on their way into employment. They assist women with job applications and teach them about Norwegian working life.

Contact details:

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