Norway Post and social responsibility

Norway Post is aware of its social responsibility and over the years has made a positive contribution to the society of which it is a part.

To send mail can be done environmetally friendly by train.

Norway Post and Bring together represent one of the Nordic area's largest transport and logistics concerns and a prominent member of society. In addition to undertaking Norway Post’s social duties -providing a good and affordable postal service throughout Norway - the Group also has a social responsibility. For Norway Post, social responsibility means undertaking voluntary measures which neither necessarily bring about short-term gains nor are mandated by legislation or licence.

Two focus areas

 The Group has chosen the environment and integration as its two focus areas. These two areas are now priorities because they are relevant for all of Norway Post’s business activities, and for every country where it has business concerns. The Group can also take a leading role as one of Norway’s largest business concerns and one with significant presence across the Nordic area.


OBS  How Norway Post is working towards a better environment

OBS  How Norway Post is working on integration  

The requirements made of Norway Post by the Government

Norway Post's owner requires that: "The primary aim for the postal area is to ensure the nationwide operation of statutory delivery services in a proper and cost-effective manner. Today this aim is primarily guaranteed through sector-specific regulation and government procurement of commercially unprofitable services."

OBS Read the whole report to parliament on Norway Post in Norwegian here: "Om verksemda til Posten Norge"