Posten Norge wants to be an environment leader in its industry and is working hard to reach this goal.

Norway Post use environmentaly friendly transportation like trains.
Posten Norge's environmental vision is "to work in a goal oriented manner to achieve environmentally efficient operations and sustainable development - leading to our becoming the world's most future-oriented mail and logistics group". Posten Norge wants to be an environmental leader in its industry and has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020.

Environmental policy

The Group's environmental policy ensures that systematic, preventive and documented environmental work is assured along with a continuous improvement in environmental performance throughout the Group. In addition, many of the Group's specialist areas have their own environmental policies which support the Group's overall policy.


Posten Norge is participating in the government’s Climate Vow and Cities of the future and has committed to several European industry initiatives. Norway Post is also a member of the Swan Purchasers' Club that helps to ensure that Posten Norge chooses products with the minimum of environmental impact. Environmental considerations are an integrated element of the Group’s commercial decisions. The Group wants to create conditions so that all employees can become involved and engaged in working for a better environment.

In 2011, Posten Norge joined the Green Goods Transport scheme - a research project whose purpose is to get more environmentally-sound and climate-friendly transport of goods. The Group also participates in EU project applications in which the theme is to reduce emissions in urban areas.

In 2011 Posten Norge entered into collaboration with ZERO (Zero Emission Resource Organisation) in order to intensify professional and industrial collaboration in selected environmental issues.

The Norway Post environmental strategy:

  • Increasing knowledge of and insight into our environmental impact
  • Collaborating with customers to find environmentally friendly solutions
  • Involving employees
  • Implementing measures and ensuring commitment to environmental work in our own organisation
  • Influencing framework conditions
  • Supporting selected environmental initiatives – demonstrating social responsibility