Norway Post has produced good first-quarter results. The logistics segment's revenue has grown and the Group's cost-cutting measures have had a positive effect.

The operating revenues came to NOK 6,288 million in Q1 2015, which is 3.6 per cent more than in Q1 2014. The earnings before non-recurring items and write-downs were NOK 231 million, a 20.9 per cent increase on the same period last year. In addition, the sale of Norway Post's stake in Evry ASA was completed in Q1 and produced a gain of NOK 219 million.

Both the mail and logistics segments have contributed to these improved results. The logistics segment is expanding strongly in both Norway and the Nordic region. The mail segment improved on its 2014 results despite the continued decline in the volume of addressed and unaddressed mail.

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Presentation of half-year results 2015

Norway Post will present financial results for the half year / 2nd quarter 2015.

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Presentation of Q3 2015 results

Norway Post will present financial results for the 3rd quarter 2015.

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Did you know…?

Norway Post has the monopoly for post weighing less than 50 grams? Only 15 percent of our income comes from areas in which Norway Post has a monopoly.