Norway Post to launch a digital mailbox

Norway Post is to launch a digital mail system in Norway. In the spring, you will be able to choose whether you want to receive your mail in a digital mailbox in addition to in your physical mailbox.

Norway Post’s digital mailbox will be based on a person’s street address and national ID number.

Norway Post is continuously developing in order to provide services that are adapted to its customers’ current and future needs. In the spring, Norway Post is to launch a new digital mailbox that will be in addition to the traditional, physical mailbox.

Norway Post’s digital mailbox will be based on a person’s street address and national ID number. It will thus be easy to find the mail recipient and the digital mailbox will take note of any changes to your street address.

”Norway Post has been a trusted third party for the distribution of letters for more than 360 years. Nowadays, more and more communication is taking place digitally and Norway Post wants to take part in these developments,” says Dag Mejdell, Norway Post’s CEO.

Mr Mejdell underlines that Norway Post’s expertise and credibility will continue to be important in the digital world.

Simple and well arranged
Digital messages have become part of everyday life. The challenge is that each company has its own system and recipients must themselves seek out several e-mail accounts and log onto the websites of banks, insurance companies and public bodies.

”The many websites, user IDs and passwords mean that it is not easy to be a consumer. When Norway Post launches Digipost, all this communication can be gathered in one digital mailbox,” continues Mr Mejdell.

Norway Post’s new digital mailbox is intended to make it easy to send, receive, deal with and file important mail. The system that is established will have the same security level as internet banks.

Physical mail
The volume of physical mail has declined over the past decade as a result of the transition to digital solutions.

“We are aware that our digital product will affect ordinary mail. But digital mail has come to stay. If Norway Post does not do this, someone else will. Norway Post must be involved and we want to be the first company to do this in Norway,” says Mr Mejdell.

Norway Post’s goal is for the new digital mail system to be in normal operation during the first half-year.  Norway Post will test the solution during the period leading up to the launch. In addition, Norway Post is inviting advanced web users to contribute their ideas to help develop the solution.


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